5 Steps to Creating The Perfect Wedding Timeline

Adelaide Wedding Photographer Valentina

During my experience as an Adelaide Wedding Photographer, I can tell you that creating the perfect wedding timeline will play a crucial part in how smooth your day will go.

My lovely brides and grooms, we know the day will ultimately unfold in a somewhat organic way but having a clear structure will help us all doing everything we can you make your wedding day perfect. It is hard I know! But that’s why I do my best in working side by side with you and give you the best perspective of each stage from the photography point of view.

A lot of the times you can under or overestimate the time that each part of your day will take if you genuinely find yourself struggling with putting this together my recommendation is to get in touch as soon as possible with a wedding planner. These professionals do this for a living and are experts in guiding you through the particulars of the day.

  1. The getting ready and behind the scenes

    This part usually starts when you ladies are getting your makeup done. Unless you want to document the “I woke up like this” look, your photographer will be better off photographing you once your make up artist has started with your beautiful face. For you gents, it's a little easier, and your photographer will likely begin once you are in your pants and shirt.

    You love your details, and so do we! After all, you have worked so hard in preparing and selecting everything from the dress, rings, earrings, flowers, invites and the list keeps going. So I personally always ask my brides and grooms to prepare all these crucial elements aside the night before, so the next morning your photographer can quickly start staging these shots upon their arrival in your suite.

  2. The first look

    The first look is a movement that has become more and more popular over the last few years. I know that tradition might be vital for you. You perhaps have pictured yourself seeing your future husband’s face for the first time just as you walk down the aisle BUT, including a first look not only gives you some private moments before the roller coaster starts but will also relieve the pressure of getting couples’ photos and perhaps rushing between ceremony and reception. This way you can even choose to mingle with your guests during the cocktail hour with a little more flexibility.

  3. Your wedding is not a family portrait session

    Formal portraits can take a lot of time if there is not enough preparation. Don’t try to fit as many people as you can. Try to get the people that matter to you and plan your formal portraits. Write down a list with names so your wedding coordinator or photographer can call them out and make the session as efficient as possible. If you want a big group shot of everyone at the ceremony, the best way is to avoid the greeting part after the service where everyone wants to hug you and awkwardly introduce you to their plus one and get the big group shot done instead.

  4. Special events

    Any special events taking place during the reception are recommended to be placed as early in the night as possible. Have a chat to your DJ and MC and make sure that if you are doing a garter and bouquet toss, its scheduled at the beginning. Doing this in the middle of the celebration will give people an excuse to sit down, and suddenly your dance floor will be empty. Allowing time for such things early in the night will let your guests have uninterrupted fun!

  5. Save some time for yourself

    Saving some time for yourself is probably one of the most important things you need to do. Schedules tend to run behind when they don’t depend solely on us. So make sure you allow some time for you and your new husband or wife to be alone and have a little rest and soak the fact that it has happened! You are now Husband and Wife, or Wife and Wife or Husband and Husband.

We are great at being in autopilot mode and not stopping until everything is over. So my biggest recommendation here is to breath, savour every single moment and allow some cushion time, as much as you can, in the different stages of your day. After seeing this so many times during my time as a wedding photographer all I want is for you to be present in your day and rest assured that I will be documenting every single beautiful part of your wedding so you can look back in the years to come and grasp all those magical moments once again.